You know those public announcements you hear on a train platform? In Japan, that’s my voice. (Well, not everywhere in Japan.) As an American with an announcer’s voice and experience, I’ve done a lot of work for some big-name companies, like Cambridge University Press, Cengage Learning, Macmillan, National, Yamaha, Nihon Gaishi, Hitachi, NHK, Zip-FM, and especially Toyota. I have a blast when I’m behind the microphone!

あなたは公共交通機関のホームなどで、アナウンスを耳にしたことがあるかと思います。それは私の声です(勿論すべてではないですけどね)。アメリカ人として、このアナウンス向けの声を武器とし、ケインブリッジ出版社や、Cengage Learning、マックミラン、ナショナル、日立、NHK、そしてトヨタなどの大きな会社と働いてきました。マイクの後ろにスタンバイしているときの気分は最高でした。

I started performing in elementary school, then did community theater productions when I was in junior high and high school. My first part-time job was working as a DJ at a local AM radio station when I was 15 years old. In college and graduate school I worked as an announcer, narrator and commercial voice artist, then in California and finally, in Japan. It’s been some ride.


Check out my samples on this page. If you’d like me to lend my voice to your project, let’s talk about it. Contact me at tom @ tomkenny.asia


generic script read for “ABC technologies”
radio title calls and faux commercial for “Jurassic Petroleum”