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English / 日本語 

Do you ever get the feeling that, no matter how much you learn, there’s just so much you’ll never know? Me too. All the time.

あなたは色々な事を学んでいるうちにつれて、まだまだ知らない事が多すぎると思った事はないですか? 私もみなさんと同じです。いつもそう。

But when I do understand something interesting, I love to share it, so I present at academic conferences, do teacher-training, and run workshops. I talk mostly about teaching EFL and oral fluency, but these days, I’m called to talk about e-learning, technology in education (“tech in ed”), and especially about using the iPad in the classroom. I’ve given talks throughout Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and the US.
Sometimes I actually teach, like, my own students. When I do, it hardly feels like work.




Seminar in American Society
With a key focus on the synergy between core American values and the major American institutions of Corporations, Christianity and Democracy.

Media Communication
Audio and video production skills for online videos, presentations, and educational training.

American Pop Music
From Katy Perry to Bob Dylan, from Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis, from country to blues and hip-hop…a senior seminar on American music and how it got where it is today.

A Global View

A Global ViewContent-based speaking classes focusing on global issues, with an emphasis on presentation skills.