I really, really love what I do. I write textbooks and create materials to help other teachers. I give advice to students who want to improve their English. And my university pays me a salary to read stuff and explain it to others. Can’t beat that. I am an American guy living in Japan, and I teach at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.


I’m originally from the greater New York City area, but I went to school in Louisiana. That experience, a boy with a New Joisey accent moving to the old South with its fascinating Southern drawl — that was a major influence in my deciding to study linguistics in college. OK, study might be too strong a word. I mostly hung around the university and annoyed my professors until they banded together to force me to graduate.


I worked my way through college as a radio DJ because I was terrified of making an honest living. I still use my announcer’s voice for the videos I make and the commercial projects I do, and that’s fun. In my spare time, I read a lot, love movies and the Beatles, and travel to the tropics whenever I can get away.


There are lots of Tom Kennys around — my dad, my grandfather the cop, the priest Tom Kenny, the architect Tom Kenny, the Stanford prof Tom Kenny, and the Tom Kenny who works in Hollywood doing animation character voices. I’m the Tom Kenny in Asia, hence Welcome to my site.

私についてはそんなとこでしょうか。私の父と祖父は警察官で,その他同姓同名のトム・ケニーさんは聖職者であり、スタンフォードの教授であったり、ハリウッドでアニメ声優として活躍中だったり。。。しかし、日本のトム・ケニーは私です。 私のサイトへようこそ!